Job counselling – effectful job hunting and onboarding

Your present situation:

  • Considering if your actual job is the right one – on a short or long term perspective?
  • Have you decided to change job/position/company/industry?
  • Are you searching for job counselling in Copenhagen or Denmark as such?
  • Is a layoff or a dismissal to be expected or a fact?
  • Would you like to pursue a career path pr aiming at promotion?
  • Do you have plan to start on your own – having a business idea, being self employed or start-up of a company?
  • Are you a graduate, searching for job?
  • Plans for in-/expatriation, following your spouse to Denmark or another country?

Denmark has one of Europe’s highest scores of job rotation. Each year approx. 800.000 people switch job – i.e. 100 employees per hour at an annual basis. Today an employee change her or his job/position six to seven times during the career in average. This trend is expected to increase during the coming years.

The job market is constantly in move and the high staff turnover results in many openings and possibilities.

Professional career counselling and coaching might be a valuable help for you, aiming at new challenges and possibilities.

It is import to focus on two following fundamental topics:

  • CAPABILITY: your competencies based on your knowledge and experience (professional competencies as well as personal)
  • WILLINGNESS: what drives or motivates you/gives you energy?, and which values and criteria are important for you?

The job counselling and coaching process might consist of the following three phases:

  1. Clarification:
    • your competencies and motivational factors
    • your job wishes and targets
  2. Preparation and practice:
    • your material – e.g. CV, LinkedIn, application/cover letter, results/success stories, job interview, presentation material, tests & cases
    • your strategy, plan and approach – e.g. by use of network, communication, job databases, headhunters, social media or …
  3. Action/execution:
    • execution of your plan and relevant activities
    • status, follow-up, challenge etc.

I would be pleased to help you in such a process, providing counselling, advice, coaching, useful tools and training/exercise during your job hunting or career development process – the full process or selected parts of this as,. according to your needs and wishes.

Further, when you have found and committed yourself to a new position, I am able to assist you in planning and preparing for your start – the so-called onboarding – as well as being an external sparring partner in the process to follow.

Please feel free to contact me for further information or an informal dialogue: +45 4215 4000 or

      Modern job hunting

  • Become clarified about your competencies & job targets
  • Get a crisp and focused CV
  • Strengthen your LinkedIn-profile & search options
  • Develop a brief & clear elevator speech
  • Learn how to write a targeted application/cover letter
  • Prepare for and exercise an effectful job interview
  • Map & use your network strategically
  • Identify & contact the for you right headhunters
  • Identify & explain in brief your strong success stories
  • Increase your brand factor / visibility rate


  • Your priorities and wishes for your new position?
  • What to leave behind and what to apply and strengthen in the future?
  • Sharpen your profile / others impression of you from day one
  • Prioritize and focus on your key responsibilities and goals
  • Start building your plan for the first 100 days
  • Be in control of your competence ladder and future branding