Career development – On the road towards your future

By career we are talking about a person’s journey over years. It is often related to professional area; i.e. the development and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those related to that person’s knowledge and experience, achieved by education, occupations, travelling, positions of trust etc.

It is very seldom to meet a person who has a clear professional goal in life, nor has made a specific career strategy & plan. Career transition often happens by being well prepared, present, sensitive and open for possibilities – being visible and present at the right time and place. Many positions never exist on the map; they are created in this synergy/match.

Fortune favors the prepared mind (Louis Pasteur).

Excellent usage of your network combined with high degree of visibility via personal branding are crucial elements for your career development. It could either be:

  • Horizontally, including an increased degree of specialization, expertise and responsibility: i.e. the specialist/expert career path
  • Vertically, including a growing responsibility within people and business span of control; i.e. the managerial path

During the career progress a person often realize a need for professional sparring and coaching, e.g. for clarification and progress in regard to increased responsibility or a change in career and life. It might be related to a shift from specialist to manager or visa versa, a shift between academia, industry and the public sector, establish of own business or a wish for further education or retirement with interesting life content.

Based on solid knowledge and extensive experience I can help you in this transition process providing counselling, coaching, and techniques & tools:

  • Starting by clarifying your key motivational drivers
  • Identifying relevant possibilities and network
  • Preparing and training
  • Act, perform and keep focus

Please feel free to contact me for further information or an informal dialogue: +45 4215 4000 or

       Motivation & Realization

  • Are you stuck in your present position?
  • Wishing further development or promotion?
  • What are your key drivers?
  • What gives you energy?
  • How are your values and criteria?
  • Ideas/plans/wishes on a short or long term basis?
  • How to realize this?

Spot and realize your potential